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The Priya Tendulkar Show Hindi Tv shows on Star plus

The Priya Tendulkar Show is a gritty and hard hitting talk show which was hosted by the late Priya Tendulkar. It aired on Star Plus from 1997 after being shifted from DD National where it ran successfully for many years. This deal came through once R. Basu joined Star TV as their CEO. The show is famous for it's fiery and open nature of the topics discussed. The show tackled various social issues and discussed the same openly and without hesitation. The hard-hitting portrayal on the program was a characteristic attributed to Priya Tendulkar. This personality remained true since her days playing the role of Rajani on a show of the same name. The lead protagonist of the series was a lady called Rajani. She was intolerant towards any social issue mainly in the public office space.

The show highlighted the poor state of affairs inside the government offices during the 1980s. The show made Priya Tendulkar an extremely popular name amidst Indian households. Priya Tendulkar is the daughter of the eminent writer Vijay Tendulkar. She had her first tryst with theater in a play titled Hayavadana. She played the role of a doll and co-acted with Kalpana Lajmi, herself a renowned name, in the year 1969. She experimented with various professions in later years. These included modeling projects, a short stint as a receptionist, a daily channel's news reader. She debuted in Bollywood with a film titled Ankur, which had the renowned director Shyam Benegal at its helm. She portrayed the role of a homemaker in that movie.

She also acted in various Marathi language films after her stint with Bollywood. Priya Tendulkar also featured in numerous Marathi language family socials. Her characters and her portrayal of them were immensely applauded and critically acclaimed. During that time, she acted with stalwarts of the Marathi industry such as Ravindra Mahajani, Ashok Saraf, and Mahesh Kothare. She received recognition throughout the nation post her role in DD National’s hit TV series, Rajani. Rajani’s fiery personality and tackling of social issues endeared her to the common man. The show assisted in highlighting the plight faced by many on a regular basis. A similar feminist role came along her way in Swayamsiddha, which was directed by Gulzar.

Additionally, she also played a character in a Gujarati film titled Pooja Na Phool. This film too was widely acclaimed and acquired a huge fan following.