Hindi Tv Show The Dewarists Season 4

The Dewarists Season 4 Hindi TV SHOWS on M TV

The Dewarists is a musical journey sponsored by Dewar an international Scotch brand. The show creators bring together many musicians to make enriching and creative music. MTV has been airing it ever since the beginning, the good part of the program is that it introduces the best from the best. This feature of dewarist has given it a global audience. A set of musicians come together to a destination get inspired by each other's music and make music.

The destinations beauty is always breathtaking and awe-inspiring. In 2011 the dewarist season 1 came out and became an instant hit because of its original flavour. People with musical influence always catch up with this show. Today the Dewarists have four seasons and 26 episodes. The first musicians on the show were Imogen Heap and Vishal Dadlani.

This pilot episode was shot in Jaipur with the poem mind without fear in mind. In the pilot episode of season 4, i.e., the 23 episode of the series, Shankar Tucker, and matterbani came together. The music was pleasant and based on the famous poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz's poem. Shankar Tucker had an influencing style of music and known for his playing clarinet. Nirali Karthik accompanied him in this season and did good work. They came together to make yard; the music makes you feel the soul of fair Ahmed fail. The lyrics make you feel the pain of the writer and make you love his work. The next episode brings Sant Kabir's beautiful words in a playful manner. Kabir Cafe, the band, and Vishal Dadlani, the celebrated music director make one dance to tunes.Named as fakirs the music is sure to make you hear atleast once in a day in a popped up mood.

The third episode is daiyari which is another peppy song with Raghu Dixit and Bindu Malini mixture. The blend makes one feel good about themselves, and it is for woman empowerment. The fourth episode brings to you papon and Shantanu Moitra who sing the beautiful o megh. As the song starts with well woven Bengali, one feels soothing. As the song comes to the Hindi part, one understands what it means to go away from home.

The care given to one by his or her mother is precious, and as we leave even, they become disheartened. The song touches the hearts of the people and their emotions overflow. The last song is Nucleya and Shruti Pathak's amazing ‘Heer’. Her sense of music and Nucleya are enough to make your ears and heart feel like a boom box. Impressive work is the only thing you will be hearing when you make your friends hear it.