Hindi Tv Show The Dewarists Season 3

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Tommy Dewar, a Scottish whisky distiller, became famous for his blended whisky. He travelled the whole world to spread his knowledge and his brand. His philosophy in life was ‘Some things are worth doing’. Inspired by his philosophy Wizcraft International Entertainment launched a show called ‘The 'Dewarist'’. The 'Dewarist' is a musical show which was aired on MTV India. The show is a part musical documentary and part travel voyage. The show features various musicians around the world and create original music and spreading it throughout India in their travel. The musicians of the show are known as the ‘'Dewarist'’.

The main USP of the show is the passion of the 'Dewarist' and their believe in the philosophy of Tommy Dewars saying ‘ Some things are worth doing’. All the 'Dewarist' of the show belong to different genres of music and also from different part of the world. The main aim of the show is to inspire the viewers to follow their dream, do what they believe in and never give up in any situation. The show initially started as a digital series but was later converted into a full-fledged show. The 'Dewarist' also collaborated with various other musicians and perform in various cities across the country.

In the third season of the show, the makers tweaked the format a little from being a musical show to a joint venture of musicians and visual artists. The visual artists belong from not only India but from around the world just like the 'Dewarist's. The new format of the show was to give the viewers a multi-sensory experience through visual arts and music. Due to the perfect blend of sound and visual treat, the 'Dewarist' made a striking video which captured their journey. As the 'Dewarist' is a stage to promote independent musicians to share their beats, tunes and rhythms, to inspire people to follow their dreams, thus the song rights were given to the artists themselves.

The viewers are able to see that how the musicians and visual artist get inspired by each other work and how both enhances and beautifies each other work. The show has various musicians like Lucky Ali, Vishal-Shekhar, Papon, Rabbi Shergill and many such talented artists. The season was directed by Srinivas Sunderrajan, who is a film-maker. The host of the season was Monica Dogra who is not only a famous singer, but she was also one of the collaborators in the very first episode of the season.