Hindi Tv Show The Big Fat Indian Wedding

The Big Fat Indian Wedding Hindi tv-shows on YouTube Channel

Weddings in India are synonymous to a grand festival. There is a lot of vibrancy, colors, music and a splendid flair of pomp and show! And well, the processions do not end in a single day. They begin well in advance and last up to one week! For some, the marriages might seem like an extravagant bonanza which a lot of pre-preparations involved! However, that is not the limit. We view these celebrations from a slightly different angle. There are guests, members of the family, memories and a lot of fun! The bride and the groom cherish these days for the rest of their lives. But, that is not the end. They hold a special place for the kin and kith as well!

The days of the wedding mark a significant and integral spot in our memory banks! The exchange of gifts; the selection of venues; the distribution of invitation cards, and fixing of a date: all of these become crucial tasks. The delicious delicacies, the parade of exquisite dresses, the decoration of the venue: everything is splendid! These events are majestic and turn out to be one of the best experiences of our lives!

The surroundings possess colours and an air of exuberance. It is a sight to behold! As a testimony to all the above mentioned facts, NDTV Good Times introduced a television series. Like all its shows, this creation is unconventional, absorbing and acts like glue to your sofa set! It runs by the name 'The Big Fat Indian Wedding' and does justice to its content. It captures and explores one the most magnificent weddings you would have ever seen. And guess what the best part is? The weddings are not only limited to the ones taking place in the Indian subcontinent.

The show brings forward spectacular 'Indian weddings' from various parts of the world. Karol and Shreyas' sunlit background wedding in California; Dunia and Buraidah's classic Indian wedding; Anjali and Sam's majestic tropical Hindu wedding, and Melanie plus C.P.'s southern Hindu fusion wedding were all spectacular! Via this show, you receive brilliant ideas pertinent to destination weddings.

Some amazing facts which we unknowingly turn a blind eye to find their place in this show’s content. It is a must-watch for all the wedding planners and an ideal show for all the binge watchers. This show has consistently impressed the viewers and cannot get any better! Kaishu Hastu played the role of the host of this series. Her panache and affable nature make her the perfect anchor!