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Teletubbies is a pre-school kid’s show released on 31st March 1997 by Ragdoll Productions. The program features four mythological species with television screens on their abdomen. The four toddlers communicate with each other in a sort of gibberish language as they are to resemble young toddlers. They have an antenna sticking out from their head.

The show had a total of 425 episodes. It currently airs on Nick Jr in USA and CBeebies in the UK. The show takes place in a natural landscape crowded by rabbits while bird’s humming is clearly audible in the background.

The four Teletubbies reside in their earth house known as the “Tubytronic Superdome”. The housemates can access it through a hole present at the top. The Teletubbies live with their weird counterparts which include voice trumpets and a blue anthropomorphic Vaccum cleaner known as Noo-noo. The show has a colourful and bright setting which is specifically designed to appeal its target audience of young infants. It also aims to educate children the different transactions in life.

Of the four Teletubbies, Tinky Winky is the eldest and largest. He has a triangle antenna and dresses in purple cloth. He often carries a red bag in almost every episode. The second Teletubby, Dickey is dressed in green and has an antenna that resembles a dipstick. He is also the most stubborn member of the group and usually rebel against the group's opinion. Laa-Laa is the third Teletubby with a yellow dress and curly antenna. She enjoys singing and dancing and searching other members. She is sweet to others and adores her favourite toy which is an orange rubber ball. Po, the fourth member, is the youngest among the four. She wears a red dress. Her antenna resembles a bubble blowing stick.

There are other supporting casts often making many appearances. All of them play in their telly tubby land. The show usually involves them having fun by the child-like activities including running and rolling on the ground. The sun in the cartoon rises when the show starts and has a baby’s face while speaking on the day's proceedings accompanied by baby noises. The show ends when the sun sets down.