Hindi Tv Show Tedhi Baat Shekhar Ke Saath

Tedhi Baat Shekhar Ke Saath Hindi Tv shows on Sab tv

Tedhi Baat Shekhar Ke Saath’ was a comedy sitcom that premiered on July 6th, 2009, on SAB TV channel. It won the Indian Telly Award for best scriptwriter (non-fiction). The program was a funny fake interview show that had Gurpal Singh as an interviewer and Shekhar Suman as the interviewee. In this show, Shekhar plays a character inspired by real-life celebrities from different fields of work. ‘Tedhi Baat Shekhar Ke Saath’ was actually India's first serious fun show having great levels of entertainment where there are roles of the host, and one person who performs the role of many guests.

The guests who are being questioned are not just fabulous but are certainly crazy. Here the multiple characters designed as guests are played by Shekhar Suman with many avatars as a guest. He makes the conversation sitting by presenting it as a comedy edge. Also, he is being interviewed by the expressionless Gurpal Singh. Thus, in this talk show, actor Shekhar Suman gives the reply to stand-up comedian actor Gurpal Singh.

The talk show is just a fake interview in which actor Shekar Sumar appears as some celebrity or politician. There are many sequences or diverse characters who come in the show, like, a costume stylist from London, a regular mythology actor, a beggar, a corporate boss, an electrician, a man with no talent, a taxi driver of Jalandhar, a cricketer, etc., who are taken to the hot position. The director of the serial is Rohit Taneja, and the writer is Sanjeev Khanna. The producer is the actor Shekhar Suman himself, and his company Windmills Entertainment produced it.