Hindi Tv Show Stuart Little

An animated TV series that aired in 2003 is a 13 episode season. It is remotely based on the E.B. White famous children's book, which was published back in 1945 “Stuart Little”. The book was first made into a movie, and it became very popular in the early 2000's. The cartoon is very much related to the film. The cartoon is about a family “the little”, who got a white mouse Stuart Little as a pet so as to provide a company to their son George.

The family already owns a cat Snowbell, who doesn’t particularly, loves Stuart, as he is stealing the attention from Snowbell, but can’t do anything about it. It is a controversy that Snowbell hates Stuart or not as he doesn’t allow anyone to harm him, not even his friends. A little sister Martha, who loves copying everything her family does. She loves to play with Snowbell and dressing him up, which he hates. The other core members of “the little” family is a hard working father, and a caring mom.

The story revolves around George and Stuart, and their daily adventures together. George is a creative child and loves to build things, and Stuart loves to help him. He is like a brother to George, well why not? He is cute, intelligent, fits in pocket and talks! He always agrees with what George says. He is like a perfect sibling every kid dream of. Most of all he drives a car and a plane George made for him. They go several adventures like finding the meat loaves that have been disappearing from the town lately, they got a dog with them to help them found the criminal.

Sometimes George feels inferior that Stuart is getting more liberty than him, and is allowed to do several kinds of stuff that George is not allowed, so he built himself a car so as to go to school, but later on discovers how dangerous it is to drive one. They go on different trips and face many problems that a kid faces in his day to day life and how to tackle them. Stuart and Snowbell being mythical creatures binds the audience and entertain them.

The series is a very light headed cartoon appropriate for the young crowd. It teaches them manners and how to behave with their elders, and how to cope with situations. The series is nostalgic for this generation as they have seen the trilogy before and it is like the extended version of it. The best part of the cartoon is they have not changed the characters at all, so it brings all the good memories back.