Hindi Tv Show Sitaron Ko Choona Hai

Sitaron Ko Choona Hai Hindi TV SHOWS on Real TV

Sitaron Ko Choona Hai is a reality TV show, created by Miditech that featured on Real TV in March 2009. Since its premiere season, the show hasn't had any renewals. Also, the channel ‘Real TV' that aired the program was shut down in 2010 after a short run due to less viewership. Sitaron Ko Choona Hai was technically a singing competition which also focused a bit on the contestants dancing/performing skills. The hosts were Sunanda Wong and Suchit Gosain. A total of 12 competitors were made to stay in the Sitaron ki academy where they resided for the duration of the show until eliminated.

A strict regime of gym exercises, dance rehearsals, and musical Riaz were being followed. These activities were monitored not by judges but by a trio of faculty members that would groom the participants to excel at their abilities. The Faculty had Raghu Ram (Roadies fame) as the head who controlled the overall discipline. Neha Bhasin (Singer) who focused on turning the contestants into power-packed performers. Lastly Prashant Samadhar, he was mainly concerned about singing. It was a daily program airing four days a week.

Each day showed the activities of the participants from singing practice to dancing. At the end of the week, a performance day was aired where the actual performance is done. The final stage presentation was graded and reviewed not in the usual pattern of providing a score out of 10, instead red; yellow cards were given if the performance was found good to average and a golden star awarded for excellent ones. The contestants were also divided into groups of 6 each under a separate mentor either Neha or Prashant. It is observed that the participants feared Raghu, because of his strict nature and critical reviews.

Through the course of the show as performances and tasks were carried out each week, a contestant was eliminated based on previous poor performance. Each week there were various theme based events like duet singing, disco, folk songs, etc. There were also a few outdoor events. In the academy house, the participants living together had caused some fights and arguments among few contestants. In the finale Nilakshi Bhattacharya, Shantanu Sudame and Yashraj Kapil were the final contestants.

The grand-finale evening was made sparkler by Palash Sen whose band EUPHORIA made a performance. All the eliminated nine contestants were also present each cheering for their fellow mates. In the end, it was Yashraj who emerged victoriously and was the ultimate Sitara. To sum it up the show was full of drama and entertainment that kept the audience hooked from the beginning.