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Sansani Hindi TV SHOWS on ABP News

Sansani is one of the most popular crime bulletins of the country. It showcases the crimes that are happening all over the country by recreating the actual scene of the crime. The show brings the reality of crime in different sectors of the society to inform and aware people. Sansani began airing on Star News (Now known as ABP News) from November 22, 2004. It started airing on Monday to Friday on the channel at 11 pm. It now airs for all the days of the week. The show runs for 30 minutes a day. The show is inspiring many other successful crime reality TV shows on Indian television.

This show has completed more than 3000 episodes. Sansani is the only successful show that is being run by a single anchor continuously from 11 years. Sansani does not only focus on reporting the crimes but also brings up the concerns of the society to the viewers and creates a sense of responsibility towards own safety and security. The show covers almost all the aspects of committing crimes and is running successfully from years.

The anchor of the show, Shrivardhan Trivedi is known for his excellent dialogue delivery, his dressing style, and hairstyle and of course his long beard. The Indian Book of Records awarded Shrivardhan Trivedi in 2013 with the honor of being the most successful anchor of the longest running TV crime series in India. This show is the first show to bring up the biggest crime scene of the country to its people in most impressive form. The duration of the episodes is sometimes increased, depending upon the need of the show. The show has been giving a good and a reliable preview of the story. The show has done many sting operations involving bribery at different levels. Sansani’s exposures against the corrupt political system, police officials, and doctors have assumed legendary significance.

The show has also run campaigns against the evil deeds in the society. The ‘Vardi Vala Goonda’ and ‘Ghooskari’ campaigns are one of the most successful ventures of the show. There is no need to say that crime series are no longer relevant, certainly not, it is happening all around and needs a platform where it may get fixed, and Sansani is one such platform. ‘Chain Se Sona Hain Toh Jag Jao’ is one of the most remembered phrases for the series. The show has also featured interviews with prominent individuals. There is a 24-hour Sansani helpline that has often come to the rescue of many women. The show has been enormously popular from the time it started. Sansani is one of the most popular shows of ABP news network.