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Samne Wali Khidki was a popular sitcom of Indian television, which was aired in the golden hours on DD Metro 9 Gold in the year 2000. It was written by Pranay Singh and produced by Parmeet Sethi Parmeet Sethi came to limelight as Kuljeet in the >> Read More... ( Archana Puran Singh Archana Puran Singh is an Indian TV artist and pre >> Read More... ’s husband). The show features Archana Puran Singh and Akshay Anand Akshay Anand is a Bollywood actor who became popul >> Read More... . The storyline of the situational humour serial is about Saniana (played by Archana Puran Singh), a young single mother, her six year old son Booby and a neighbour Amit (Akshay Anand), who is aspiring to become a movie star.

Sanjana advertises for a housekeeper who can take care of her naughty son and also manage her house. The neighbour Amit comes to scene at this point of time, picking up the job, as Sanjana finds him suitable for it. But, the survival job turns out to be a roller coaster ride for Amit, who find his love in Sanjana and is now always in search of occasions to show it.

Love is in the air, yet none of them acknowledge it. But, the story has just started. It is followed by a series of events that bring Snajana and Amit together in the same situation and further the journey starts. Overall, the sitcom is an enjoyable fun family serial to watch. Adil Jaipuri and Bharat Kapoor In 1972, Bharat Kapoor has started his career. Fro >> Read More... also justified their roles in the show. Later on, Star Plus also aired the show.

Television comedy had its touch on screen from the earliest days of broadcasting. The area of TV comedy is extremely varied to the extent that everything and anything under the title comedy can be showed to an audience through television. However, it is also true to say that particular genres of comedy fit the small screen more than others among which the situation comedy or sitcom is the most common and successful, representing culturally significant type of screen comedy.

Sitcom is basically the kind of comedy where limited set of characters are repeated in different humorous situation. . It was in the 1980s that sitcoms stepped into Indian television with serials like Wagle Ki Duniya Wagle Ki Duniya is a prominent Indian comedy sitco >> Read More... (1988) and Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi (1984). After an introduction to this genre, multiple sitcoms aired one after another. And in the same league came Samne Wali Khidki that became immensely popular and favourites among family shows for its light and neat humour.