Hindi Tv Show Road To Paradise

Road To Paradise Hindi tv-shows on YouTube Channel

Road to Paradise is an adventure-exploration themed show which was aired on traveling show channel Travel Trendz. Multi-talented Anuj Gurwara is the host of this show who is also a Filmfare winning playback singer. The language of this show is both Hindi and English. In this fun-filled show, Anuj rides a bike across the length and breadth of India, followed by two cameramen, exploring hidden locales, tourist spots, and learning about different cultures. This show came after Rocky Singh of popular travel show Highway on A Plate, decided to end their 7-years-long journey back in 2013. The primary goal of Road to Paradise is to show their audience the beautiful territory of India with all the breathtaking scenery and spots and provide them all the useful information which can be gathered by the 3-men crew of this show.

The idea of travelling on a bike has to do everything with the compact size and portability of the bike. From their journey to the Thrissur Pooram festival to the Silent Valley National Park in Periyar which is said to be India’s only bio-reserve unaltered by mankind, this crew goes to great length to provide their audience the mindblowing experience to their living room. Although everything is not rainbows and sunshine and they often get in trouble with the locals due to their ignorance of some facts or the frustration due to the language barrier. The youthful exuberance of Anuj Gurwara with his other talents like being a voice artist and radio jockey sure has not hurt the appeal of the show. With his witty jokes and talented mimicry, he has been able to keep things light and funny for his crew and sometimes the locals.

Since the past decade, Travel shows are gaining popularity all across the country. With the Urban region becoming more and more industrialized, People want to escape from all this madness to a peaceful and serene location. Shows like Road to Paradise are not easy to be produced and requires an extensive amount of research and resources for creating such platform. Road to Paradise has done quite brilliantly in this department whether it is their idea of traveling on a bike to the concept of visiting the less travelled location in the country. Altogether, they have done a commendable job in keeping things creative and interesting for their audience.