Hindi Tv Show Rangoli Hindi

Rangoli Hindi Hindi tv-shows on DOORDARSHAN

Rangoli,' a Hindi film song program like ‘Chitrahaar’ was aired on DD National every Sunday morning at 8.00 am. The show was for one-hour duration. In this program, the first host was Hema Malini. Then Hema was replaced by Shweta Tiwari. Since 2012, actress Shweta Tiwari was the host, and she continued till 2013.

In 2013, actress Sarah Khan replaced Shweta, but due to public demand, Shweta was back again with the show for few episodes. Even actress Prachi Desai was another host for this show after Shweta Tiwari. She used to hum certain songs and then would telecast the song.

‘Rangoli’ was based on the same film-music theme that had huge rural viewership. Prachi Desai used to inform the viewers about the birthday of stars and would telecast the best song from the actor’s films. Since technology has replaced the visuals of the program, either Shweta or Prachi would sit before the computer and read the emails of the viewers. When the show was started, viewers would send letter, sketch diagrams and would request the host to play a song which they liked.

Doordarshan produced the show. Creative Eye Limited produced a few shows of this program. But later, Doordarshan had its authority with the program and presented the program. The show is still running on Doordarshan every Sunday at the same prime time. Hindi sub-titles are added, and lyrics scroll across the screen as the song appeared. Even today, the demands for old Hindi classic melodies are the demand of public in this musical program. It is re-telecast on Thursday at night 11 pm every week.