Hindi Tv Show Ram Ram Sa

Ram Ram Sa Hindi TV SHOWS on A1 TV channel

Ram Ram Sa is a news based tv show on the news channel called A1 TV channel. It is in the Hindi language. It is a news show based on farmers and farm-related things. In the show, there is an anchor who tells different things related to the farmers and other things. Farmers who have some problems in their work make calls to ask all sorts of questions to get their problems solved. It is a one hour show containing experts' opinions and solving questions and other things related to farming and farming. The show is hosted by Sunil Sushila Sharma. In the show, he first starts the show by telling headlines and news related to farmers and farms. He tells all the achievements that are achieved by Indian farmers and other things. After that, he selects a topic to elaborate on in the show.

He invites experts related to the topic and then asks all sorts of questions to him. After that, farmers with their doubts call the host and ask their doubts and problems related to the field. After that, the guest solves their doubts. In one of the episodes, he invited Rakesh Chaudhary, who belonged from the national farming laboratory. He told things related to organic farming. He told how organic farming is becoming one of the best career options for the people in the field, and then he told how one could get maximum profit if they are doing it the right way. He told a different method to farm Aloe Vera. He told the things that are related to the farming of Aloe Vera and then told how one could get profit. He said that demand is high for every kind of aloe vera. He said that these methods are not popular yet, and that is why he had a lot of scope for the people looking to do something innovative. He showed some demos too related to the aloe vera farming.

He told different varieties of farming to the people. In another episode, he told the things related to farming of Soybean. He told different things that can be made by soybean. After that, he told things related to the farming of soybean and the problems that usually occurred while farming it. After that, people called to ask different things related to farming, and then they shared different doubts about it. The expert told different tips that can be used to increase the productivity of the farms. If you are a farmer and want to learn new and innovative ways to do the farming, watch the show on the A1 TV. The show can be watched on the YouTube channel of the A1 TV channel.