Hindi Tv Show Puzzle Singh Ki Patshala

Puzzle Singh Ki Patshala Hindi tv-shows on Mastiii

Mastiii is a Hindi television channel. TV Vision (a wholly owned company of Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Network) launched this channel in the year 2010. This channel gave the Indian youth a lot of music combined with entertainment and won a million hearts. The channel's most attractive feature is that it gradually changes the music type over the day, to fit the mood of the audience. It has a motto of bringing forth music of all genres. Not only this, but the channel also offers light-headed comedy shows which cheer the viewers up! Puzzle Singh kiPatshala is one such show.

The show falls under the category of comedy and music. It depicts a turbaned school boy who holds an unquenchable curiosity. Whether or not the subject is ordinary, he always has something to ask and tell. Things which might seem mundane to a regular person flabbergasted him. He makes an effort to find enlightenment as well as an alternate reality in every little thing that encircles him. In each episode, he drives his teacher nuts with the massive amount of questions he poses. In an episode Puzzle, Singh describes ice as hard water. When the teacher asks him to give the plural of 'baby', he quickly responds, "Bahutsa are baby" (which means a lot of babies!).

In another episode, he starts humming the song 'Sheila kijawani' when asked to speak whatever he knows. As a reply to the question, 'What is the thing that you can see but not catch?', he instantly whispers, "My neighbour Pinky". Undoubtedly Puzzle Singh has quirky one-liners for every question that his teachers throw at him. For instance, he converted the statement 'Police caught Puzzle Singh' in its future tense with 'Puzzle gave police an amount of rupees 100 and escaped!' When his teacher asked him, 'what did Newton think when he saw an apple falling from the tree?', he gets all dramatic and replies, "If I had a knife, I would've cut this apple and eaten it." 

Each and every time, he successfully gives his teachers a headache! Celebrated face Howard Rosemeyer played the character of the boy. He is a dancer, choreographer and actor hailing from the capital of the country: Delhi! His music videos Ab ke Saawan, Galli and Genie took the internet by storm. He was a part of theatre groups for fifteen professional years as well. He also starred in musicals like Fiddler On the Roof, Oliver Twist, Evita, Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid. He showed the world his choreographic talent via Cape Karma. Over time, various artists played the role of the teacher.