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Priti Pari Tujvari is a sequel to a Marathi serial, Manasicha Chitrakar Toh, with most of the characters being passed on to this TV show as well. Priti and Pari are two young girls who have been adopted by the previous serial’s protagonist couple, Tejaswini and Vihaan, who are now dead. They are now the protagonists of the sequel, which revolves around their lives and what happens when they fall in love with the same person- Sahil.

Shalaka, who has now taken over Raut house, tries to create a lot of problems for Priti, but acts as if she cares for her in front of other people. She even goes to the extent of locking Priti in a room so that she won’t be able to submit her college form in time. When Priti’s marriage is fixed with RJ Sid, Shalaka convinces her future in-laws to cancel the wedding, saying she will bring them bad luck. Very soon, Priti finds evidence about having a twin sister, Pari, to which she had been oblivious till that moment. She gets the information about her past from Rakesh, Shalaka’s husband, who is in prison, accused of theft by his wife.

Pari lands up in Raut house and decides to stay there in order to get some information about Priti when she gets to know that her sister has gone missing. In the meanwhile, Priti ends up with Sahil, Pari’s boyfriend, who thinks she is Pari. Pari takes revenge on her sister’s behalf by sending Shalaka to prison. The story shows love and sacrifice as well as betrayal.

Priti and Pari finally meet. Pari gets upset seeing Priti and Sahil happy by each other’s side. For her sister’s sake she decides to give up her love and marry Rahul. Priti confesses her love for Sahil. When Sahil gets to know about Priti’s disguise of character, he decides to leave her for Pari. Priti takes Shalaka’s help to win back Sahil but fails, as Sahil finally marries Pari. Priti tries very hard to destroy her sister’s marriage. Later on, she even stoops to kidnapping her sister. Eventually, Priti backs off, and she and Rahul decide to get married. Meanwhile, Sahil’s family resolves their differences and reconcile. The show ends with a happy ending, with Sahil finally ending up with Pari; while Priti is content with Rahul.