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Pokemon  Hindi TV SHOWS on Hungama

In the I Choose You episode of Pokemon it begins with a boy Ash Ketchum getting ready while watching a battle between two Pokemon in the Television. Now he is at the age of 10 so he feels that he can get his Pokemon license. All the kids in that area at the age of 10 can get a beginner Pokemon from Professor Oak.

Ash decides to get knowledge on Pokemon and also to become a Pokemon master. Suddenly his mother intervenes and asks him why isn't he asleep now as it is 11 pm. He says he can't sleep as tomorrow he is about to begin his Pokemon journey. Then she asks him to get ready for tomorrow by showing him a video of Professor Oak in TV. Professor Oak shows three Pokemon and says that each one is available for new trainees.

Ash’s mom asks him to sleep after the completion of his interview in TV. Ash kept on dreaming about the Pokemon whole night and was late in the morning. Ash stumbles into a guy named Gary who gets his first Pokemon. All the people there keep cheering for Gary. Gary says that he will become a Pokemon Master and make this town known all around the world. Ash asks Gary about which Pokemon he got. Then Gary makes fun of Ash and starts on his journey. Then Professor Oak shows up, and Ash asks him for his Pokemon. Then Professor Oak takes him into his lab and Ash is ready to accept any of the three Pokemon Professors mentioned on the TV last night. But because of him coming late all the three were taken by other trainers. Then Ash feels sad for not having a Pokemon. But Professor tells him there is one more Pokemon but there is a slight problem with that one. Ash isn't ready to hear any of that, and he grabs a Pokemon. Then the Pokemon comes out of the Pokeball and calls itself Pikachu. Then Ash holds Pikachu and it gives him an electric shock.

Professor Oak explains that it is an electric type Pokemon and is usually shy. By now Ash understands what the Professor meant when he said there is a problem with the Pokemon. Professor Oak gives Ash his Pokedex and extra Pokeball. Then Ash and Oak comes out to see people wishing Ash. Ash's mom was there, and she packs all the stuff for Ash for his journey. He takes his bag, and his mom asks why Pikachu isn't in the Pokeball. Ash tries to send it into Pokeball, but Pikachu refuses to. Ash starts his journey, but Pikachu isn't willing to come along. Ash tried to have a conversation with Pikachu and asks him to go into Pokeball as explained in the Pokedex.

Pikachu also uses the Pokedex and says it hates to be confined in a Pokeball. Ash unties Pikachu, but still, Pikachu is not in favor of Ash. Then they see a Pokemon Pidgey, and Ash wants to collect it, but Pikachu refuses to help him. He throws a Pokeball on Pidgey but it comes back. The Pokedex explains that to catch a Pokemon, they need to have a battle with that. Then Ash comes across other Pokemon which he tries to collect but fails. In his attempt to catch Pidgey he accidentally hits an aggressive Spearow with a stone. Spearow starts attacking Ash and Pikachu. Pikachu tried to save itself and attacks Spearow, and then Spearow calls for its flock. The flock of Spearow start attacking Ash and injured Pikachu.

Ash picks up Pikachu and jumps into a lake. A young lady who is fishing in the lake gets Ash out of the lake. She suggests taking Pikachu to a Pokemon Hospital. He asks her for the direction of the hospital, and the flock of Spearow re-appear and Ash borrows the young lady's cycle and takes Pikachu with him. On the way, he wrecks the cycle, and both fell on the road. Ash asks Pikachu to go inside the Pokeball to save it. He stood up to protect Pikachu from the flock. After seeing this Pikachu summons its remaining energy to repel the flock of Spearow with a shock. Finally out from the chase, this makes the friendship bloom between Ash and Pikachu and the story continues.