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Page 3 Life Hindi tv-shows on Zing

Most of us is die hard fans of our favourite celebrities. We love them so much that we want to know every single detail about them. We want to know about their love life and professional life. We want to know the kind of dresses they are wearing, and we often implement it in our life. Page 3 is a show on Zing, which tells us about these things. It had a runtime of thirty minutes and is aired on Friday at 10:30 PM. It gets its name from the entertainment newspaper. In most of such newspapers, the details about parties are mentioned in the third page, and hence the name of the show. It is your one stop destination to know about everything in the celebrity world. You get to now about the various cocktail parties which are being attended by your favourite stars. Over there, they make a style statement which later becomes the industry standard. Film stars are paid to come to various functions.

They visit the art galleries, restaurants, shops and matches of their favourite teams. Everything can be known by switching on the show. They also represent fashion designers at the launch of a new clothing brand or a fashion show. You can find them wearing a sexy outfit which makes them completely unrecognisable. You can find out all about the guest list of various celebrity weddings. Who is wearing what and of which brand, are some things which can be easily found.

It will help you to improve your knowledge about the film industry and you can later brag about it in front of your friends. Which brand tour super star is endorsing, how much is he getting paid, and other things are the questions which linger in everybody’s mind.

People have long been used to see their idols setting the standards. It is a popular serial and is repeatedly telecast throughout the week until the next episode comes out. It shows the actors response to the release of their movie. If they have been part of a show and have done something dramatic, it will surely make the headline for next episode. It has a good rating and a good response from its audience. You will find similar TV shows on other channels which will talk about the same thing.