Hindi Tv Show Paanch 5 Wrongs Make A Right

This is an Indian thriller show which was aired on Channel V for one year from 27th November 2013 to 17th July 2014. The producer of the show is Sunshine Productions. The story is about a girl named Roshni Kataria, who is filled with a vengeance for her sister who was tortured, and ragged by her five seniors. The series focuses on the crime of bullying, and has raised a serious issue. The story starts when Neha, Roshni’s elder sister enters Regents College, and encounters five seniors who were in their final year, Zara, Nihaal, Yudhishtir, Roy, and the leader of the gang Gauri Laada. Neha does not give into what they ask, so they start torturing her.

 She is later saved by Gautam Laada, Gauri’s younger brother. One day, Roshni gets to know that Neha is dead, and there she decides to get justice for her sister. She leaves her dream to be a scientist, and joins Regents College as an undercover. She enters the gang, and one by one eliminates all. Later she gets to know that Gauti was Neha’s killer, and that he threw her off the terrace when she denied his proposal. Roshni later reveals that it was the five, and Gauti were her sister’s murders. She later follows her dream to become a scientist.