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Livings Foodz, an international food and lifestyle channel, has launched a new culinary show to celebrate the authentic cooking styles and recipes of North India. The show is called Northern Flavours and is run by celebrated chef Ajay Chopra Born on April 10, 1964, Ajay Chopra is an Indian c >> Read More... , executive Head chef of Mint Leaf chain of restaurant in UK, which specializes in Indian cuisine. This would be Chef Chopra’s debut on television cooking show. The show will explore a series of regional, traditional yet lesser known recipes hailing from the northern side of the subcontinent including places like Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttaranchal and Jammu and Kashmir.

Chef Chopra will be re-discovering authentic gastronomic delights by visiting small eateries and dhabas that bring local recipes that have been over powered by the well-known ones. He will be recreating northern delicacies like ‘Besan ki Kheer’ and Punjabi ‘Aloo Wadiyan’, Rajasthani ‘Bhoot ka Halwa’, ‘Dal ka Dulha’ from Bihar and ‘Delhi ki Sikandari Raan’. He will also be giving us interesting stories behind some delectable delicacies. For example, how Begum Akhtar Begum Akhtar’s birth name was ‘Akhtari Bai Faizaba >> Read More... specially created a dish named Murg Shikasta Hariprasada, as an expression of her love for Maharaja Hari Singh, which she could not express in any other way and ordered the dish when Maharaja Hari Singh visited the city, as a symbol for her broken heart.

When asked about what more he would be bringing into the show, Chef Chopra said that North Indian food mostly comes out of the diaries of a traveller. The region, for ages has been witness to constant movements, from armies to saints and fakirs to recently, refugees from Pakistan who carried the sanjha chulha to many parts of North India. These have added different interesting layers to an already hybrid cuisine over the course of years. The dhaba culture, primarily from Punjab has now taken the entire north Indian highways by storm. This rich blend of multiple cultural influences gives the food of North India its flavor and it is this flavor that will be brought to the palettes of all foodies round the world through this show.

Meanwhile, the Business Head of the channel, Mr. Amit Nair expressed his excitement on having Chef Ajay Chopra as a part of this new project and gave us a little insight on the show as well. He said that the aim is to bring the hidden wonders of north Indian cuisine into limelight through this show because they believe that it would appeal to a global palette. The show will also invoke a sense of nostalgia among the local viewers from these states and bring them back to their roots through this scrumptious food spread. The show was first aired on 28th March on channel Living Foodz and is aired every Monday and Tuesday, 2 pm onwards. Repeat telecast of the episodes are aired on 7:30 pm on the same day.