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Planning your next trip? Want to go somewhere exotic, but worried about the high expenses? Spending more does not guarantee the best vacation and spending less money does not mean you can’t experience everything you want to. Travelling is a path for experience, self-discovery and knowledge, and it is something when we don’t want to do something half-way or leave an experience due to any reason. After months of stressful life everybody deserves a vacation, but if the vacation itself becomes a stress, then it is no use.

People don’t understand that taking a vacation does not necessarily mean taking a dip in your bank account. To solve all these problems and help you plan a better trip NDTV Good Time has come up with a unique show, which showcases that even expensive destinations can be travelled without spending loads of money. NDTV Good Times’ No Big Deal is a travel show which brings you your dream destination in an economical and sustainable way. Travelling on a budget has a long of restrictions, but budget travel proves to you that it is possible to stretch your pockets. The trick is to know how to use and make most of your budget.

The representative of this show is someone who herself has jumped off planes, did deep sea diving to unravel the oceanic beauty, roamed around the valleys and mountains around the world. She is none other than Neha Dixit, a journalist by profession but an adventure accdict at heart. Through this show, you will not only get to see new places but will also dig deep into the lifestyle, culture and people of the area. You might not live the high rolling life, but you will definitely get an essence of the locals and their cuisines, Neha Dixit is not only the anchor of this show but also the producer of this show.

This show inspired a lot of people for travelling smart. This show was highly acclaimed and was awarded the Indian Television Academy Award for the Best Travel Show in 2009. She has inspired people around the world to travel smart because no place in this whole wide world will be able to stop you once you learn to enjoy more and spend less. Her love for travelling is depicted beautifully through this show. So pack your bags and join Neha as she goes around the world in search of destinations which have high-level of fun and adventure and low-level of cost in an all new series of No Big Deal.