Hindi Tv Show Nirmalas Spice World

Nirmalas Spice World Hindi tv-shows on Zindagi TV

Nirmala’s Spice World is a television cooking show. It aired on the Indian television channel Zindagi under the segment ‘Fursat Ke Pal’ under which they had launched three new shows including this one. It started to air from 4Th May 2015 and telecasted from Monday to Saturday at 1 pm. The show mostly has its origins in the United States. Nirmala’s Spice World revolves around Nirmala Sarine who is said to be the ‘Queen of Spice’. The show revolves around her knowledge of spices from all over the world that she shares with the viewers.

Nirmala takes the viewers from across the world into this journey of exotic spices from around the globe that she introduces to the people. Not only this, she even reveals secrets that are known to her which includes ancient secrets of spices that have come down from generations to generations. She reveals how each of them can transform the simplest of dishes into the most exotic ones ever and the most beautiful experiences. The show, Nirmala’s Spice World is like that of a culinary adventure into the world of spices unknown to the common man. Each episode that is broadcast is related to only one single spice. Nirmala, as a young girl, grew up in South America.

She learned to cook just at the age of six and also spent her younger days exploring the jungles of Guyana and kept looking for natural ingredients. Her grandfather was an Ayurvedic scholar who taught her to recognise and detect such things. Her journey into this world of spices started when she was so young, and it has been an everlasting journey for her. Her knowledge of spices and their vitality is not just limited and related to food but also to how it can have a positive effect on one’s body and heal it.

Not just that but also how it could rejuvenate one’s mind and one’s soul. What is interesting to watch is how Nirmala expresses her knowledge to viewers and how skillfully she uses her knowledge not just to make new recipes but to use it vitally to heal oneself. It is interesting to watch the way she opens her spice cabinet and reveals secrets and facts that are unknown to the majority of the people. She uses an Ayurvedic approach to show how spices do not just flavour food but also help the human body internally.