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Nintama Rantarou is a Japanese anime series about the ninja boy Rantaro. The producer of the television series are Aji-do Animation works. It aired on NHK since 10 April 1993. The series is actually adapted from the manga series Rakudai Ninja Rantarou, written and illustrated by Sobe Amaro. Nintama Rantarou is mostly about a boy named Rantarou and his friends Shinbei and Kirimaru attending a ninja school to become aspiring ninjas.

These three friends are ninja kids in the Ninja institution, where the first-grade ones were known as “Nintamas.” They are expected to acquire all knowledge about a strong ninja, train hard, however as for our ninja kids, fun, food or playtime seemed more fascinating. The series show the everyday adventures of the ninjas, segmented in a cartoon fashion, as two small episodes in a 30-min show. Rantarou is a young boy with glasses and reddish hair.He is strong-willed to become the strongest ninja, unlike his father who is an indigent, simple ninja.

In his ninja academy, Rantarou makes two very close friends, Kirimaru and Shinbei. Kirimaru is obsessed with money and is always doing some kind of part-time job, sometimes even during classes. Since Kirimaru does not have a family, he usually stays with Doi-sensei (ninja teacher) and helps him with his job. Shinbei is a chubby boy mostly with a runny nose; he is the son of a very well-to-do family. The story revolves around the trio doing mischief while sometimes they drag themselves into it.

The cast also includes the two prime teachers Doi-sensei and Yamada- sensei, Nintama Kunoichi, evil guys and also the family members of all the cast. Nintama Rantarou has been among the favorite anime series. As of August 2013, a total of 21 series were broadcast with each season having a different number of episodes. In 2012, exclusive episodes were aired to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series. Currently, a total of 1,813 episodes were aired as of March 2015 (excluding specials).

There was also a film based on this series.A total of two films of the series has released in Japan. The first film released on June 29, 1996, by Shochiku and the second film, was released by Warner Bros. on March 12, 2011. Various video games were also released, starting in 1995. The culture brain published most of the games. Nintama Rantaro with its incredible plot has always been among the top-rated anime series.It has never failed to impress its audience.