Hindi Tv Show Ninja Hatori

Ninja Hatori Hindi TV SHOWS on Nickelodeon

Ninja Hattori is a famous animated show which airs on nickelodeon in the Hindi language. The show revolves around an eleven year old boy named Kenichi Mitsuba who is an average kid going to secondary school. He is a stubborn and lazy boy who struggles with his studies and therefore always ends up frustrating and annoying his parents and teacher.

He loves to find shortcuts to do things which always angers and disappoints Hattori who is a little ninja befriended by Kenichi. He is a part of Kenichi’s family and lives with them. He has a little brother Shinzo, and a ninja dog named Shishimanu. Hattori helps Kenichi in solving all his problems, and always protects him, as a good friend. Yumeko is portrayed as Kenichi's crush that he loves.

Characters named Kemumaki, a Koga Ninja and his ninja cat Kagechiyo always trouble Kenichi. Hattori is often found saving Kenichi from them. The show is adventurous, entertaining and comical and best suited for children.