Hindi Tv Show Nautanki Express

Nautanki Express Hindi tv-shows on M TV

"Nautanki express" is an Indian television comedy program which airs on MTV channel. It is a very funny television show which follows a hilarious Vlogger called Nick who talks about crazy and unspoken things which are normally not that important in our day to day life. He makes a pun of all those funny days to day activities that almost everyone does in their daily life but doesn't give it much importance. He takes out the funny element in those simple everyday normal things and shows it on this show. There is a lot of funny content which is broadcasted on this show. A few of the episodes are Bollywood celebrities at roadies audition, ten things that only guys can understand, shit people say to Indians, can you make that face? and many more episodes.

It tries to break the typical stereotypes that exist in our society in a funny and comical way. Nick talks about a lot of topics which never raised our attention before but due to his comical and interesting way of talking he gets our attention and makes us realize many things which we may have never realized before. Nick, with his love for Bollywood is an amazing impersonator of Bollywood celebrities and does a good job on mimicking them. He is an amazing person who is crazy about females as well. With his crazy personality, he makes hilarious rib-tickling videos about various scenarios that would occur in many situations. In one episode we are shown as to what would happen if Bollywood celebrities auditioned for the roadies with Raghu and Ranvijay as the judges.

In a very interesting and funny way, he shows the scene which makes the audience laugh out loud. It is quite popular with the audience due to its interesting and funny concept. The viewers like the character Nick due to multitalented nature. He can act, impersonate and make the audience laugh with his amazing comical talent. It mainly comes online and the episodes are available on the website of MTV. In another episode, he shows the ten truths that occur in a guy’s mind which may or may not be known to the girls. The videos are quite relatable and funny and catch everyone's attention. It is broadcasted in the very famous MTV channel which a twenty-four-hour music entertainment channel.