Hindi Tv Show Music Mantra

Music Mantra Hindi Tv shows on Sony entertainment
Music Mantra is a songs show which showcased songs and clips of upcoming movies back to back.

The show was aired on Sony TV. It was loved and thoroughly enjoyed by youngsters as it gave them a relief from the regular daily soaps aired on the channel.

The show gave a relief to a lot of youngsters from their family’s regularly watched melodrama shows.

Music Mantra was aired in the ‘90s as a very innovative show presenting trailers of movies, which was indeed an actual break for the viewers.

The trailors proved to attract the younger crowd as it was a great source of updating their ‘filmy gyaan’. The show was a benefit both for viewers as well as the film makers as the trailors of their films would create a buzz among viewers, encouraging them to watch the films.

Sony TV definitely followed the cue that it could provide entertainment in any possible way. It not only showed melodrama and reality shows, but also caught the attention towards new movies.

The show contributed in making Sony TV one of the most frequently watched channels on television.

The show not only had a great concept but also an attractive logo with an abstract design, making it a hit among the younger mass.