Hindi Tv Show MTV What the Hack!

What The Hack Hindi tv-shows on M TV



The MTV What the Hack is a Hindi television show. It broadcasted on the MTV channel. The name of the serial gives you the idea about the show. It’s not all about the hacking; it will tell you latest technology with some tips and tricks. The trend of technology is increasing rapidly. We need to grow faster with the pace of the technology. As we are technocrats, sometimes we face the problems with the technology. In that situation, a small advice can become the solution of your problem.

It’s not always that there exist is a big problem in your technology, it’s just a lack of knowledge about the technical things. Once, you know the all the tricks; you can easily handle any techniques. It is the informative show. The show is comedy in nature. The MTV show 'What the Hack' is developed by the Ankita Fadia. It is the first season of this show on the MTV. The show is started from the 18 October 2009 and was last seen on the screen on 07 February 2010. The number of episodes plan was 10, later it increases. It was aired at 8:20 PM on every Saturday. The run time of the show is only of ten minutes. Only, the ten minutes can change your life. The purpose of the show is to create the awareness among the people. We have gadget, computer, and many more electronic devices.

We didn’t know what the interesting things you can do with it. So, to help you out from this here is the MTV What the Hack. The host of the show is Ankita Fadia and VJ Bose. The concept of the show is design in such manner that AnkitaFadia will give you all the amazing tricks. She will give you all the tips regarding hacking. It will also contain the information regarding cheating with people by using ethical hacking. The use of all these tips will make your life more interesting. The way of presentation of Ankita Fadia is awesome. She is an author, television host as well. She also knows the computer skills.

All these qualities helped her to make this show more successful on the screen. The role of VJ Bose is also important in this show. He is giving the answer to the question of the viewers. If you have any difficulty regarding any technology then, you can drop out an email. The VJ is giving the solution to their audiences. So, you can catch this on MTV or on the internet at any time.