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Mtv Stunt Mania Season 3 Hindi TV SHOWS on M TV

MTV Stuntmania belongs to the reality genre. It is first stunt biking show in India. Season 3 was also known as Pulsar MTV Stuntmania Underground. It used to come every Sunday at 7 PM. The aim behind the show is to respect and promote the stunt riders of India. The show established stunting as a sport. VJ Ranvijay Singh was the host and the mentor for the season. He also performed some daredevil stunts. This season took the show to a new level of thrill, danger, and underground stunting. Participants were invited from all over India to compete for the title of India’s best stunt biker.

The winner of the show got a cash prize, the title of India’s best Stunt rider, and a custom Bajaj Pulsar. The different thing about this season was that the winner also got a trip to France where he gets a chance to do training under Jorian Ponomareff, World’s best stunt rider, who also designed the stunts on the show. In the show, selected participants get Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-i bikes to perform different stunts. They are dived among teams or squads, and they decide their team’s name. The gear and bikes, given to them, are according to their team color. Every episode contains Survival Stunts and skill challenges.

Those who perform the best in Skill Challenges get immunity and rest face Survival Stunt. They all have to nominate one member from each team. The one who has worst performance is eliminated. This procedure continues till the few stunters remain. Then a Wild Card challenge takes place where all eliminated participants get a chance to be back. This time, the form of the show was that of a ‘ Game’ with the help of awesome graphics and visual effects. The major change was that instead of dividing nine chosen contestants into four squads, they were divided into three as the fourth one was a ‘Super Squad’ having legends of past two seasons. They had to compete with a team, but at the end, they were made to fight against their own teammates.

The dangerous stunt challenges on the show included running red lights, zipping between cars, fire, monster trucks, floating ramp, bullet trains, pneumatic cannons, and a buzzing helicopter. The stunts involved a great amount of danger and risk. Therefore, they were performed under the guidance and supervision of an expert. The look of the show was underground, dark, hi-tech, edgy, and having neon lights. Tirlochan Singh Bhamrah won the show. He started doing the stunts from an age of 16.