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Mtv Roadies X2 Hindi tv-shows on M TV

Roadies x2 is a reality show telecast on MTV channel in the year 2015. Roadies is a show that tests an individual’s strengths and abilities in a harsh condition. This show deals with adventures, travel drama, and many more aspects.

People who aspire to participate in this reality show have to clear the audition round(s). The MTV Roadies x2 audition was conducted by Esha Doel, Rannvijay Singh, Karan Kundra and Vijendar Singh. Vikas Gupta created Roadies x2 and it was presented by Bani.

The applicants are asked to fill an application form. Later, they are called by the audition team for a group discussion. The application form requires the applicants to fill in their personal details and questions on their aspiration for choosing this reality show and the greatest problems and regrets in their life.

The examiners or the moderators observe the behaviours of the participants in the group discussion and then, they select or prepare a shortlist of few applicants. The shortlisted people are called up for a personal interview conducted by Esha Doel, Rannvijay Singh, Karan Kundra and Vijendar Singh. Here the judges try to find out whether the applicants have written the true facts in the applications or not. The applicants who lied in the application form are treated very badly and are made to realise that lying is a crime.

The host for Roadies x2 was Gurbani judge (VJ Bani). There were 22 contestants in this show. The show was held in the places of India and Nepal. New concept of groups and gang leaders was introduced in this season. The 22 contestants were divided among the four judges. Monica, Yash Vardhan Malik, Varun Sood VJ, Madhuri, Divya, Shubham, Prince, and Martina teamed up with Rannvjay. Esha’s team members were Mamta, Aviral, Shruti, Neetu, Harsh, and Archis. Karan’s team had Ajay, Victoria, Bhuvan, Ishpi, Hussain, Nabila, Nihal, Rizwan and Namanas. Kajal, Ishita, Rajatdeep, Amaneet, Mandeep, Gurmeet Singh and Jay teamed up with Vijendra. All of them had to undergo harsh competition, twists, and dangerous activities. The final five runner-ups were Kajal, Rajatdeep, Amaneet, Rizwan and Gurmeet Singh.

The winner of Roadies x2 was Prince Narula. He won a cash price of Rs. 5 lakhs and a bike. He gave away the bike to Gurmeet Singh (runner-up) to show his respect towards the hard work and dedication shown by him. In an interview, Prince expressed his happiness by telling that it was an unforgettable event in his life as he not only won the reality show but also millions of hearts. He also told that the emotions and feelings that he experiences when he won was very different.