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Roadies is a show popular amongst youngsters. It contains both drama and action in equal doses. Its unique factor lies in the fact that it promotes road trips. Viewers have adored the show to such an extent that MTV Roadies-X1 is its eleventh season. Rannvijay Singh is the producer. To get selected for the show, the participants have to fill the form and then go through a group discussion. The form contains some personal questions and some queries related to issues that are plaguing the nation. The crew selects the best ones for the personal interview, which is the last stage.

There they have to face judges Raghu Ram and Rannvijay. They ask personal questions or quiz you about your application to know your personality. Those who manage to ace the interview star in the reality show. The creators conduct the auditions in several prominent cities of India. People turn up in lakhs to audition for it. The selected contestants will then have to perform stunts to survive in the game. The one who wins the task is safe. To spice up the game, sometimes the makers also give the winner some powers.

The players vote amongst themselves against the one they wish to evict from the series. Except for the winner of the task, everybody else has to survive by convincing others to not vote against them. Due to the ruthless format, a lot of arguments and quarrels happen between the players regarding who should vote against whom. The tasks are all risky and physically draining. Sometimes, the contestants perform the stunts in pairs or groups. Besides survival, they also perform tasks that would help them earn money.

The winner of the show would win the money that all the contestants accumulated over the entire season. Besides the money, the winner would also procure a high-end two-wheeler. Besides interviewing and producing, Rannvijay Singh also guides the players as a host. The makers would take the participants to several locations. Except for the crew members, everyone else would travel from one place to another using the bike. Nikhil Sachdeva, a resident of Pune, won the show. With the title, he also bagged a total of three lakh and twenty thousand rupees along with a Hero Impulse Bike. In the history of the series, this was the lowest prize money that any champion won. It is a weekly show. It commenced on January 25, 2015, and ended on May 18, 2015. MTV Channel is the official broadcaster of the program.