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Mtv Roadies 6 Hindi Tv shows on M tv

MTV Roadies 6 named the show for the first time as “Hell Down Under”. This year the show took the audience and its contestants to the country down under, Australia. A total number of twenty contestants were selected to enter the show, which is seven more than what was being done in the last three years of the show’s duration. As the number of contestants went up, so did the number and variety of tasks and challenges.

Firstly, all the contestants were divided into two groups. One group was identified with their blue bandanas and the other with red bandanas. The game went on with the usual tasks at first and followed by vote outs. This year marked a very emotional tug when a fan of Roadies, who has tried to get in since four years, was finally selected. The journey was flagged by previous year’s runner-up Nihal, who gave the contestants a word of advice to achieve victory in this game and then waved the flag for the Roadies to kick-off towards their first city on the trip.

Some of the contestants who received huge followers were ‘Nauman Sait’, Tamanna Sharma, Samrat Kaushal, Natasha Sinha, and Sandeep Singh. One of the contestants who became the class clown of the show was Debashish, who through his sheer dumb attitude full of ignorance made the journey for the other contestants truly hell. At the end, it was a battle between politics and passion. Nauman and Kiri went neck to neck in the battle against each other to win the title. At last, Nauman crossed all lines proving whoever thought he didn’t deserve to win wrong, and winning the title of the best Roadie of this season.

A total number of 8 contestants were eliminated before the Roadies landed in Australia. Two contestants who had been eliminated from the show early on were called back as the wild card entries. A new element called the “Black Box” was introduced in this season. This box had a special surprise locked inside it, and the twist was that during a vote out anyone can wish to open the box, and whatever is there in the box must be followed. The idea behind the box was that only if someone dared, the whole game can be turned upside down with the help of the “Black Box” making the whole journey crucially interesting for the viewers and the contestants.