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MTV Roadies 4 is a reality television show. This show became one of the most popular and spoken about reality shows on Indian television and still now is considered to be one of the youth’s favorite shows on television. The series is based on the genre of adventure. For more than 13 years it has been winning its viewer's hearts in producing one of the rawest and zealous reality series in India. The season 4 took place in the year 2006 and continued till early 2007.

The format of the series is divided into two segments. The first one is the selection, and then the contest. During the selection, auditions are held in various cities across India. Each audition begins with the group discussion and then finally the famous personal interviews with 'Raghu Ram'. This marks the highlight of the show, as a lot of people get to see the most entertaining part of the show here during the personal interviews with Raghu. After this, begins the actual contest of Roadies. The selected contestants are subjected to various tasks and challenges, to test their skills and performing capabilities.

Each episode begins with a task where contestants are measured by their performance and the ones who perform the worst moves into the unsafe position of the game. Now, he/she, who is unsafe, has to either plead or manipulate the other contestants in not voting against them to continue their journey in the game. This way, a contestant is eliminated in each episode, and finally when a handful has left the finale takes place. A couple of eliminated contestants are given an opportunity to make a comeback through the wild card entry. Finally, the one who wins the finale becomes the winner of the show becoming the ultimate roadie of that season.

Season 4 saw a lot of fresh talents, who performed good and also excelled in the show’s politics. But at the end, ‘Anthony Yeh’ became the winner of the season with 'Gurbani Judge (Bani J)' being the runner-up of the show. Although, Anthony was never to be seen again, Bani went forward to become one of the most successful VJs of MTV. She has made a good name for herself in the industry and also has hosted quite a lot of shows on MTV including the auditions of the following seasons of Roadies. In this season, the show offered the winner Anthony with the cash prize of 2 Lakhs along with the brand new Hero Honda Karizma motorcycles.