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Rex Talk is a bold television show conducting in MTV India. This program is a new genre show in the MTV India. Education gives the right feature and the knowledge about the sex is a must for the children to attain a healthier life too. The motto of this show is to educate the people as much as possible about the safe sex and its awareness. This series partners are both MTV and Durex. The show which made India talk about sex was the one and only Rex Talk.

The promo of the season was done by Ran Veer Singh on December 1 the Aids day. The first step in joining this campaign is to shoot a video of themselves on their opinions about India and Sex. The contestants selected these 12 people by filtering from 10000 people. Rex Talk Show is with 12 people divided into four teams named as #REXSAFE, #REXBUSTERS, #REXLONGER, #REXFUN.

The final winner of the series has a chance to go for a trip to Amsterdam. The entire campaign telecast was in various media sources, and at last, the highlights of the whole campaign are edited into two episodes and are used to telecast in Rex Talk Show. The video jockey for this program is Anusha.

The central theme of the show is to educate the Indian people about safe sex and usage of condoms. The primary purpose of the teams is to spread sex awareness, and each team has to perform some different tasks to educate people in their various styles. Each team has to think differently by playing games, making videos and had to upload them to social media websites with their hashtag and names.

The team has to work with unity and different ideas to get more likes and views. Each view of their video in youtube gets 10 points, 5 points for each like in Facebook, 1 point from the Twitter reaction and 5 points for Instagram heart. Also, the campaign videos are judged by the various celebrities, and the winner declaration is according to their points earned.

It is a campaign for the people in India who are in lack of sex knowledge and awareness. The youth in India has to participate in the campaigns like this to earn knowledge on sex education.