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Mtv Immies Hindi tv-shows on M TV

The Immies show was conducting every year in MTV India channel. The MTV Immies was started in 2003 and completed successfully two editions before it got canceled. This program is a big event in MTV India where a lot of celebrities were encouraged in their prospective fields. The last version conducted by MTV was in 2005. The tag line for the program was MTV Immies-Indian Music Excellence Awards.

The objective of this program is to encourage the talent in the Indian music field. This program conducts a survey to select the winners from a group of nominees for each area related to the music industry. The winners from the nominees are encouraged by presenting the shields and gifts and making them feel happy. The program will be in a large auditorium where a group of the audience is also allowed to take part in this prestigious program.

This program not only focused on award distribution but also helped with the funds collected from the public and other celebrities for the victims of the earthquake in India and Pakistan in 2005. A lot of celebrities also dedicated their victory to the people. Also gave some free passes to the prime minister’s relief fund to support the victims of the earthquake in 2005.

The program’s main success was due to the live performances by various music artists on the stage of Immies. Not only Indian artists but also a lot of foreign artists conducted their live performances on the prestigious Immies program. The programs carried out by singers by performing live acts of singing were the turning point for the show. Not only musicians but also other artists who are interested in performing stage shows are encouraged in this program to perform live actions.

The program includes award distribution in various fields of the music industry. The different categories include Film Category Winners, Pop Category, International category, Special category, Jury category. In each category, there will be a subdivision of awards like best male and female singers, lyrics, composer, etc. In 2005 edition along with the classes in previous versions they also distributed awards in a particular category called INDIPOP category prizes and Inspirational award. The Inspirational award in 2005 series was won by Yash Raj Chopra who makes a milestone for the show.