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Gone in 60 seconds the name itself depicts mystery. Mysteries which makes us curious about the thing that can happen around this sixty seconds. Many questions may arise after coming through the title. It's not about disasters which took millions of lives in sixty seconds. Neither it's about investigations where the victim gets caught in sixty seconds. Well, this show is all about entertainment which tickles your bones and leaves a smile on your face in just sixty seconds. 

Gone in 60 seconds, a show that makes you burst into to laughter and spot out things like no one ever did. This show has screened the episodes on MTV, and the production house was "VIACOM 18". The show is mainly of sixty seconds where they begin to speak on a funny note from beginning to the end without any pause. The show hosts are amazing; they are full of humour. They are the one who entertains us in this sixty seconds and urges us to tune the show resulting ourselves bursting into laughter. The show has been hosted by the popular Video Jockeys aka VJ, namely Rhea Chakraborty, Anusha Dandekar, Ayushmann Khurrana, Siddharth Bhardwaj. This show had gained a lot of momentum while it has been aired.

The viewers were eager for each and every episode of sixty seconds which will make them feel relaxed. The titles were such that it needed no other promotions for people to watch. Some of the episodes which never failed the aspirations of the viewers are, "25 things never to say in Africa", "25 things never to say in the MTV Orkut community", "25 different ways to say I love you, Rhea", "25 things never to say to VJ Anusha", "25 things to say when you get a call from a wrong number", "25 things never to say to Superman", "25 things never to say when caught sleeping in class", "25 movie spoilers", "25 comments you should never make on status updates". 

The show even had one of the most popular superstars for an interview which was just for sixty seconds, where we find the superstar anchoring the whole sixty seconds; not even letting the anchors utter a word. He was ' Shah Rukh Khan' aka 'The King Khan', and the episodes name was "25 things never to ask Shah Rukh Khan." 'Smiles', which should never be snatched from a person. Life, which should always be cherished and loved. This show is the perfect remedy for entertainment which one misses in their daily lives. The real meaning they set with the title is very simple. The sorrows you engrave along with all the depression and disappointment will be gone in sixty seconds.