Hindi Tv Show Mrs. Punjabi Da Effect

Mrs. Punjabi Da Effect Hindi Tv shows on Sahara one

A new chat show, namely Mrs. Punjabi Da Effect, which is to be hosted by Archana Puran Singh is up to be telecasted on Sahara One from 15th of July at 7.30 pm. Archana Puran Singh, who is judge of Comedy Circus is accompanied by Lolly Kutty. 'Archana Puran Singh' in this show is going to have a typical look of would-be Page 3 aspirant unique anchor and going to host this chat show. She will be carrying the role of Mrs. Punjabi who is going to have lower IQ and typical Punjabi accent.

The issues that Mrs Punjabi(Archana Puran Singh), will deal with will vary from the wardrobe malfunction to politics, sports like Cricket and others, Bollywood scandals like 'Rakhi Sawant' case decorated with her comments. Imagine what sort of comments and reviews you expect to hear from lower IQ Mrs. Punjabi. Whatever, she is a very good TV presenter and actor and is more known for her unique style of talking and body language and I am looking up to her in this new show. Also, I am eager to see her looks possibly different from the other Punjabi kudi roles she did in movies.

Purnendu Bose, who is COO of Sahara One Television denies to talk much about the show, but he says that the show is going to be light and the audience will find it funny and laugh on otherwise stressful issues.