Hindi Tv Show Mission Everest

Mission Everest Hindi tv-shows on YouTube Channel

The show is of nine episodes premiered on three channels: National Geographic, Star Plus and Channel V. The show has real time adventures on the expedition on the 50th anniversary of the first Everest summit. The team doing the expedition is of five members selected from 30,000 applications along with the support of the Indian Army and Nepalese Army. Total there is twenty-four comrades all together on the expedition to the highest mountain range in the world. This is all thanks to National Geographic Channel India (NGCI) for sponsoring the show.

Colonel Ashok Abbey of the Indian Army, who is also the headmaster of the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM), is leading the expedition and this is his first attempt to climb Mount Everest. The show starts by focusing on behind the scenes of everything starting right from the application process followed by the selection and then training, along with all the psychological warfare that one goes through, with oneself and with other members.

The entire preliminary process consists of shredding down all of the 30,000 applicants to the list of only five finalists. They are making young Indian men and women to compete against one another in the four centres across India. Next, from there they move to the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering in Uttarkashi, where we see them struggling and experiencing the joy and pain while the training continues with the instructors from the Indian Army— and finally, the selected five will face the mountain with the Indian and Nepalese armies at their side. The finalists first trek to reach the Everest base camp (5000 feet) after that they make their final preparation for their enduring attempt to climb the magnum.

The overall aim is to bring the spirit of adventure, the risk, the exploration into the lives of we people showing us the things that common man is missing and what job it is to explore life and challenge oneself against our fears, all manifest itself through this epic show- Mission Everest. Managing Director Zubin Gandevia of the show, himself told the news persons that with this series they are attempting to create something they called as local programming for the Indian viewer. 

Tenzing Norgay's son Jamling Norgay accepted that, through the show, National Geographic Channel manages to bring thrill and adventure into the life of every Indian youth watching the show, in the process bringing the hidden heroes to the limelight. The ratings of the show are very high, and audiences are more and more expecting more similar shows from TV channels.