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Pictured and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna, Miffy is a small female rabbit. Created as a narration for her one-year-old son, Sierk in 1955, Miffy appeared initially as a toy animal with round floppy ears. In 1963, a conventional form of Miffy was created by Bruna using only black lines with primary colours, along with orange and green. This bright and intense simplistic colours made Miffy not only recognisable but also made her a household name amongst the preschoolers.

Two television series have been produced based on the character of Miffy: Miffy and Friends, from 2003 to 2007, and 2015 release Miffy's Adventures Big and Small. The show portrays the little rabbit along with her friends Snuffy which happens to be a dog, John who is a farmer and Poppy who happens to be a Pig, aid the audience to learn about colours, numbers, shapes of various objects and various rhymes and melodies while having fun learning about the various concepts.

The show focuses on breaking the fourth wall and reach out to its viewers with segments that are participatory and engaging, encouraging the audience to get up and participate, shout out answers, and relate with the characters. Set out for various adventures like, Miffy along with her friends Grunty and her dog Snuffy are given objectives along the way and are made to solve riddles which involve the use of colours, numbers, shapes, alphabets, movements and sounds.

By discovering the answers and conclusions, Miffy and her friends teach the audience the value of teamwork, find creative ways to cooperate and help each other and how sincerity always pays off. The portrayal of Father and Mother Bunny shows the necessity of a family. A loving, healthy, co-operative family which not only sticks together during the time of adversities but also enjoys together during the times of happiness. Dining together, solving riddles and objectives together, helping each other and being truthful and together are ways in which the Bunny family brings these moral values to the viewers.

The audience will relate to many of the things that Miffy and her friends face in their lives. Miffy is a sweet, compassionate, tender show for toddlers. Opened to new experiences, Miffy is depicted to be uncomplicated and innocent, with a positive attitude and as a result, it offers an opportunity for the little ones to learn concepts in math and explore their world of treasure troves in a safe way, which is engaging, participatory, constructive and also educational.