Hindi Tv Show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse  Hindi TV SHOWS on Disney Junior

One just cannot miss this series’ unique concoction. Some of the world’s most loved toon characters are made to come alive in front of the audience and interact with them. Throw in a fanciful, magical clubhouse, along with an exciting adventure every day, some fragments of age-old fairy tales, and some of the latest, computerized gadgets to add to its modernization.

Add a pinch of CGI, with its vibrant hues and characters that seem to come out from the screen, is sure to keep the kids engaged. It’s great that in addition to the eye-grabbing visuals, Mickey the show engages the viewer's brain continually -- always something to find, count, compare or identify. Mickey is constantly on your face (in a good way) -- asking questions, cheering them on, acknowledging viewers' answers and applauds for a job well done. He and his mates make each adventure so much fun that tiny-tots will forget they're exercising their brain.

Parents need to know that the show is a lively series created to help preschoolers acquire early mathematics and problem-solving skills -- and does so in a fun way. Though the series is very learning-oriented, it's engaging without being intimidating.

Little kids will enjoy this. It’s lively and colourful. Then there is Mickey and all of his best pals, classics; there are superb math skills for ages 0-3. He also teaches kids to exercise by standing up and "dancing.” He also asks to repeat after him to help them learn pronounciation. Cute storyline and all the stooges are friendly. Whenever someone is angry or sad, they always support them, which is appreciable. Kids learn the use of various gadgets. They are bound to get interactive with this show. They will surely get up from their haunches’ and do as Mickey asks them to do. They will laugh, they will cry, they will count and sing along with the characters as they go on their adventures. They will react as required at a plot-twisting or magical part. There is no random drug or innuendo references, not even a slight use of bad language like crazy, dumb, stupid, moron.

It is also a good educational tool for learning about patterns, colours and also math. Voices may be a bit of a headache, but there is no sarcastic tone that puzzles the viewers’ mind. Kids above 12 years of age might find it a bit monotonous but perfect for toddlers. Enriching, delightful and vibrant enough for the kids.