Hindi Tv Show Mera Naseeb

Mera Naseeb Hindi tv-shows on Zindagi TV

Mera Naseeb, meaning My Fate, is a drama telecasted in Zindagi TV. It is a Pakistani serial (broadcasted in Hum TV) and with this soap, Zindagi TV became the first Indian channel to air Pakistani shows. The story written by Samira Fazal was directed by Adnan Ahmed and was produced by Momina Duraid. This show was broadcasted from April 1, 2011, to August 26, 2011, and has 21 episodes. The music composer of the theme song is Waqar Ali. The song Boond Boond was written by the producer and was performed by Komal Rizvi.

The story revolves around two women - Shazia and Nazia - played by Sanam Saeed and Syra Yousuf respectively. Nazia is a shy, calm girl whereas Shazia is a bold, courageous girl. One day, Shazia and Nazia go to the theatre to watch a newly released film, without the knowledge of their parents. There they meet Shahbaz (Adeel Hussain), who helps them with the direction. Since it is their first visit to theatre, they misconstrue that the ticket price is inclusive of refreshments. Shazia picks up a fight with the cashier and Shahbaz, who is the owner of the shop, tries to reason out with her. Since they do not have enough money, Nazia tells Shahbaz that the amount will be repaid in instalments.

Shahbaz starts to develop a liking for Nazia and they both meet at a restaurant where he proposes to her. Unfortunately, a relative sees Nazia and informs her mother who forces her to drop out of college. Later, both the girls get married. Shazia marries Moeez (Imran Abbas), and Nazia marries Fahad (Imran Aslam). After marriage, Moeez loses his job, so Shazia works in a school. Meanwhile, Nazia's mother-in-law starts pestering her for a grandson. Things become worse for Shazia, and she leaves her husband. Nazia becomes pregnant, and Shazia too reveals to Moeez that she's pregnant.

Nazia finds out that she has a girl baby. Her mother-in-law ill-treats her and asks her son to divorce her. Since he loves both of them, he commits suicide due to pressure. His mother realises her mistake and asks Nazia to forgive her. Nazia delivers a girl, resumes her college studies, and also marries Shehbaz with her mother-in-law's blessing.  Shazia also delivers a baby and Moeez starts searching for a job in U.S. Everyone is happily united in the end.