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In the present scenario, financial strain; relationship problems and work burden have bombarded the lives of men. Stress has become a major part of their lives. Since this gigantic pool of hassles has overpowered them, they often turn a blind eye to smaller problem pertinent to their health and living. These trivial problems gradually mushroom to a gargantuan amount, thus bringing in more stress. Step by step, these problems manifest themselves in the form of high blood pressure, hypertension, and uncontrollable anger. And if still ignored, they often turn into heart attacks. As an address to all the above-stated issues, this show came into existence.

Men's HQ is a remarkable show which aired on NDTV Good Times. Each episode lasted for about 22 minutes. This show was intricate, extremely informative and a boon for men! The concept of the show was simple: to discuss matters that leave a significant impact in a male's life. It is, basically, a show dedicated to men's fitness and lifestyle. Celebrated television presenter Samir Kochhar hosted the show. He rose to fame from the ' Extraa Innings' show of the Indian Premier League.

In one episode, he talked about 'what gets the male mind on edge?'. He touched upon topics like obesity, stress, heart, asthma, drug abuse, and metro-sexuality. In another, a group of experts freely talked about sexual problems and relative solutions. They brought to limelight those things which we subconsciously neglect. In a segment, a modern man's desires became the subject of analysis. 'What does a man wish for, beyond cars, women and money?', was a deeply probed topic. Not only this, but health related topics are also covered. For example, 'What triggers the bacteria of tuberculosis?'; 'Are men more susceptible to liver diseases?'; 'Easy ways of dealing with injuries.'; 'Fighting a battle with obesity'; 'How to fight asthma?'; 'Problems and solutions for those with a weaker heart.'; and 'Ways of fighting the killer disease: Cancer.'. Subjects like 'drug abuse' and 'disadvantages of sugar and spice' also made their way on the show.

People from different walks of life made appearances on the set, putting forward their take on the talking point. Dr. Suranjit Chatterjee, Dr. Ekta Soni, Parthe Bidasaria (a corporate executive), Dilip Ramachandran, Rahul Bose, Gautam Bhimani, Dr. Adrian Kennedy and Cyrus Sahukar were some of them.

This show has helped several men overcome their mental stress. And we are confident that it will aid you too. In case, you missed out on some episodes, do not worry. You can catch them all online.