Hindi Tv Show Men Cant Dance

Men Cant Dance Hindi tv-shows on YouTube Channel

For years now, mainstream shows on the television are either women-centric or related to social causes. Women actors are given roles with substance whereas the male characters are sidelined. A large portion of audiences too are women who crave for reality shows or saas- bahu dramas, who provide nothing except over the top acting and melodrama. To break this stereotypical process NDTV Good Times have come up with a brand new show related to men and men alone. The shows digs into the mind of a man and breaks any and every myth revolving around what women thinks about the male population.

The host of this chat-show is someone who himself is opinionated and is not afraid to speak his mind. He is an award-winning journalist, and now he has come in a brand new avatar to bring life to this show by his witty, quirky sense of humour and out of the box topics, it is none other that our very own Tech Guru Rajiv Makhni. The show aims to showcase how today’s men view the world on different issues whether it be healthy relationships, or fashion or gadgets and bust every myth about a man in general, in a fun way.

Find out how men view and approach different aspects of their lives, what their thought process is and what exactly do they want. The show digs deep into the mind of men. Each week there will be a panel of guests who are movers and shakers in their own field, men who have an opinion and have no hesitation voicing them. Watch men revealing truths about men and their view on the platonic relationship, or about the new-age women and whether they are proactive or aggressive in relationships and careers.

Although this show is a lifestyle show, it is not only catered to male section of the society but also for every curious female who have no clue as to what goes in a man’s mind. Through this show, women too will realise that men are not as complicated as they seem. Besides men and women have fundamentally similar interest in lifestyle topics. The shows also aim to continually keep things innovative, appealing and up-beat for the viewers to keep interest in the show and keep coming back for more.

Although this type of genre has achieved success internationally, it is yet to be seen whether Indian audiences are up for it.