Hindi Tv Show Manasicha Chitrakaar Toh

Manasicha Chitrakaar Toh Hindi tv-shows on STAR PRAVAH

Manasicha Chitrakar Toh is a story that revolves around the lives of two individuals-Tejaswini, an educated and ambitious girl and Vihaan, an uneducated yet cultured man It revolves around how their lives changed once they get married. When Tejaswini’s parents die in a car crash, her brother, Makrand tries to marry her off since he and his wife must depart for the USA soon. At the same time, Vihaan’s marriage gets canceled on the grounds of him being uneducated, and his mother, Godha vows to find him a wife within 15 days. She promises Juvlebai a reward for finding Vihaan a bride.

Greedy Juvlebai lies to Makrand about Vihaan’s education, because of which he gets an uninformed Tejaswini married off to Vihaan, while his family also does not know about Tejaswini’s qualifications or dreams. Since Tejaswini does not know how to do any household chores, Vihaan helps her finish all of them. In the meantime, Tejaswini’s sister-in-law Vallari seems to be jealous of her as she tries to get her into trouble and make her look wrong in front of the rest of the family.

Soon Vihaan comes to know about Tejaswini’s educational qualifications, and, although disappointed that she had lied, encourages Tejaswini to take her exams. Tejaswini, too, finds out that Vihaan is illiterate. Later, when the rest of the family also gets to know about her qualifications, Godha is furious. They face numerous problems as a family but do manage to get out of them, even with Vallari pulling up her tricks to defame Tejaswini or break Vihaan, Tejaswini and Godha’s bond.At one time, she tried to show that it was Tejaswini who was trying to ruin Shalaka’s wedding, she also lied about Tejaswini being pregnant.

Appa also disappears for a short while but then returns home. Vihaan is ecstatic to find out that Tejaswini is pregnant, but the joy is short-lived as he is told that she might have a miscarriage. Tejaswini and Vihaan profess their love for each other. Later on, Makrand’s wife Ashwini makes Tejaswini trip so as to make Vallari fall, leading to the end of her pregnancy. Vallari demands Godha to punish Tejaswini. Vihaan and Godha also have a fallout, but, to Vallari’s dismay, reconcile soon after.

During the celebrations of Makar Sakranti, Tejaswini accuses Vallari’s intentions, who in turn calls Tejaswini a barren woman in front of Godha’s neighbors. Vihaan and Tejaswini decide to adopt a child. Tejaswini then soon comes across Pari, an orphan girl whom she hadseen earlier in the market, and decides to adopt her. The couple later adopt another girl Priti, and then finally find their married bliss.