Hindi Tv Show Madiha Maliha

Madiha Maliha Hindi tv-shows on Zindagi TV

Madiha Maliha defining the two beautiful names of Pakistani girls is a serial defining the genre of Telenovela. The serial premiering on August 27, 2012, on a Karachi, Pakistan based Tv channel called Hum TV. The serial constitutes of beautiful Urdu language written by Dilawar Khan, Produced by Momina Duraid and Directed by Roomi Insha. While sharing the similar plot with Maat, it aired in India serving as season 2 on Zee Zindagi. The plot of Madiha Maliha is as fascinating and appreciable as any other Pakistani serials; the talent seems to uproot in the characters as well as the storyline.

Madiha and Maliha are the two sisters from the same mother who are exact opposites of each other. While Zhayal Sarhadi plays Madiha, Urwa Hocane enacts Maliha’s character. The sisters define two different personalities of a woman, Madiha is decent, reticent, discipline and homely, whereas, Maliha possesses attributes of a wild soul, she is snobbish, egocentric and rude. As a widow, their mother is desperate to marry them as per her old age and their relevant age to be wed. The lead male actor Junaid Khan as Shahriyar enters the lives of the sisters as the most eligible bachelor who is both wealthy and handsome. While Maliha fancies and finds herself attracted to him, Shahriyar marries Madiha causing a dispute and bitterness between the sisters.

Outraged Mahila marries her college Humayun. The story progresses in such a way that, from the very beginning viewers sense a devastation coming ahead in the lives of these four. Soon Maliha aborts a child in order to rescue her career over her personal life leading her marriage to turn into a divorce; on the other hand, Madiha is too busy being a household manager and a mother. Shahriyar is incapable of connecting with his wife anymore; the lack of passion has made him reckless. While Maliha is homeless after the death of their mother, kind Madiha brings Maliha to her own acquaintance. As a result, instead of being thankful, Maliha seduces Shahriyar sensing the opportunity and while abandoning Madiha marriage knots with Maliha.

The destruction began to reflect when the passion, romance and lust started to fade with time and Maliha’s career oriented desires returned. Shahriyar decides on keeping Maliha institutionalised and go back to Madiha only to face rejection. Madiha portrays the vigorous side of a woman where she declines the proposal of Shahriyar and is well settled with her children in a reputed career providing Shahriyar with a lesson and viewers the image of a well structured feminist, ideal and intuitive woman in the dominative world of man.