Hindi Tv Show Love Net

Love Net Hindi tv-shows on Channel V

Internet dating seems like a new trend in today’s technical world. Not only today’s youth but older generations are also very fascinated by it. Social media is so much in trend these days that people find their love in it. They start chatting and sharing pictures with each other. They live in their fairy tale. Channel [V] launched a new show. Sprite sponsored a show called “Lovenet” on the same channel. They turn the dreams of these lovers into reality. They break their fantasy and bring them back to the actual world. Nothing can be better than helping two lovers meet each other if they are truly in love. Channel [v] finds two such people who are dating through social networking sites. No one knows the real face of the individual who is sitting in the other corner of the computer. Lovenet targets them first. Then they follow them.

The hosts of the show must be very energetic and very sizzling. Of course, they should know what type of job they are doing exactly, and that is what the show has got. Dashing VJ Manish and gorgeous Alisha are the pair hosts of the show. VJ Manish has a funky style. He is great with people. He exactly knows how to entertain his viewers. In the show, his job is to help the guy. Alisha is also known as Chandigarh Ki Shakira. She got fame after this show. She is a very charming young girl. This little Punjabi has won the hearts of her fans with her cute way of presenting herself. Her job is to help the girl in the show. Both the hosts of the show are very enthusiastic about their work. In the show, both the guy and the girl who are dating each other are selected. VJ Manish goes to the boy and Alisha reaches for the girl. They start helping them.

Manish helps the guy to go to the girl’s hometown and have a talk with her friends and relatives. They find out what kind of a girl is she, and know her likes and dislikes. Later they check out her place. They look into her cupboard. They see her way of living and can even search her vanity. On the other side, Alisha sets out with the girl to the guy’s hometown. They also chat with his friends. They look for his home or the place where he lives. They can also check out his playlist and even his bathroom. Finally, they both meet. They meet and get to know the real side of each other better. They find out if the person is the same or they were just portraying themselves. In the end, they tell everyone if they want to see each other further or not.