Hindi Tv Show Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation Hindi tv-shows on M TV

Lost in Translation is M TV program which is a Hindi based program. This program was telecasted before on M TV and now it can be watched online or through you tube. M TV is a Hindi channel popular in the Northern part of India. It is one of the most watched channels by the youth of the nation and has gained much popularity and importance among the teenagers with its sensational program list attracting the young hearts of the nation. Lost in Translation is a program in which songs are translated in Hindi or in some rare occasions in English.

The motive of the program is that music has only one language and it should be cherished and enjoyed by all of the people on earth without language being a barrier /bar to them. To break the language from being a barrier from enjoying songs belonging to different languages, Lost in Translation is one great initiative program breaking the stereotype of listening to music with reference to language. In the program, a song is selected from a different language apart from Hindi and the entire song is played with video and audio. Below, subtitles in Hindi for that song is displayed with each phrase of the song. The subtitles go along with the song and the line which is being played in the song at that point in time. If the song that is to be translated is in Hindi, then that song would be translated using subtitles in English.

For translating a song in Hindi or English with the support of subtitles at the bottom of the video, the a song which is famous at that particular time/period is selected and translated accordingly. Lost in Translation program helps you catch up with songs and its lyrics with all famous songs from any language even if you don’t have knowledge from that particular language. You can enjoy songs from any kind of language with ease and much clarity in meaning with the help of Lost in Translation program. Songs from English, Tamil and many other languages are chosen and translated with more or less the same lyrical meaning. So do not wait to watch this most exotic program which is loaded with music that frees you from the language boundaries and helps you get along with the tune and lyrics with the help of translation and local language subtitles.