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What is the first image you draw in your head when I say the show is a late night celebrity chit-chat show? Where the host, using all his wits, fires his questions and puts his guest at a test. You expect a larger than life set, coffee, and you surely want to check none of your family members is around. Because you are very well aware of the content, it might create an uncomfortable atmosphere. But it does keep you engaged for fifty odd minutes.' 'Look Who is Talking' is path breaking in several aspects. The moment you see the host, Niranjan Iyengar you want to watch it.

There is no air of glamor around this guy (atleast in season 1). One would call him a nerd or geek if she/he goes by his looks. But what he does will surprise you. It's been a while since he entered the industry as a scriptwriter and lyricist. This comes out very clearly as you go through the show. Almost every celebrity share a unique chemistry with the host. The format of the show is set up in a restaurant space. The setting and the content is so much real that one can see it as two people talking at the table next to them.

Right from its first episode, which is iconic in its own way, the show became a hit. Karan Johar was the first celebrity he interviewed. Both share a long history of working together. Niranjan Iyengar is also the author of the book, titled 'The Making Of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham'. As expected, the episode was full of inside jokes and gossips. I say this episode iconic because what followed was a fresh celebrity chit-chat show which ends with a selfie rather than signing a coffee mug. The show has entered its second season, and it is turing out to become a great success.

The entertainment factor is always the secret. And since every celebrity shares a unique bond with Niranjan Iyengar, every episode has its unique flavor, mood, and setting. There is no suspicion about the fact that the show is a post-modern Indian celebrity chat show. The runtime is 22-30 minutes. Aired on Zee Cafe 9 Pm every Sunday, the show is light-hearted and harmless with an IMDb rating of 7.4/10. It is nowhere close to be called superficial. Niranjan Iyengar and his team have furthermore milestones to conquer.