Hindi Tv Show Locha E Ulfat

Locha E Ulfat Hindi tv-shows on ZEE TV

Since the time of family entertainment based daily serials, Zee TV has always upheld their reputation of coming up with the funkiest and most contemporary themes, revolving around the day to day lives of different households and individuals. These soap operas have become embedded in the daily routine and hearts of many devoted viewers who look forward to that relaxing half an hour, or several half an hours for that matter, after a busy day, enjoying their fair share of daily entertainment dose. Locha E Ulfat has steadily become one of their smooth running shows that first aired on the special occasion of the much celebrated Valentine's Day, on the 15th of February, 2015.

Keeping the show on the prime position of the entertainment track, the sensational Bollywood Diva, Sunny Leone, made her very pleasant appearance that set the entire mood from suave to sizzling. There is no denying that her mere presence on the show melted many hearts and people went downright gaga over it. The story sticks to the basics of love-betrayal-giving up-rekindling and lost passion. Birju, the main character, played by none other than the immensely talented comedian, Sunil Grover, depicts a simple man who had found the feeling of love in his heart when he was a child. But as destiny would have it, this love smitten boy had his hearts, hopes, and dreams shattered by the one true love of his life.

Distressed and hopeless, Birju passes his young years and grows up to be a man resenting love and love stories. He was repelled by the whole idea of the warmth and mushiness that remains innate to the particular feeling he had given up. But, fate keeps other plans for him as his long lost feelings of love rekindle when he lays his eyes on the beautiful and gorgeous Sunny Leone. The show also hosts some sweltering dance performances by Sunny as well, including chart-topping numbers like Baby doll main sone di, Pink lips, and Chaar bottle vodka. Clad in red, her phenomenal moves and grooves totally sweep the flabbergasted Birju off his feet and flames the buried feelings in his heart.

Apart from such intense levels of extravagance, the show also featured a couple of performances by several well-recognized lead actors of Zee TV, such as Surbhi Jyoti dancing to Shake your booty and Dhak Dhak Karne Laga with the MJ5 troop. Performances also included Mugdha and Ravish Desai sizzling it up with their ballroom chemistry, all adding to one heck of a memorable night.