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It's only human to zone out sometimes from your reality to dream of becoming someone known and famous. A celebrity who's loved by all. And just when you are at the peak of your haze, your actual world pulls you back. We are helpless to be true. We wish to experience a glamorous lifestyle. One driven by luxurious cars, designer clothes and wonderful food amongst other things. What if this daydream becomes your reality for a day? Shamoly Khare (the host) is all ready to complete this distant fantasy. All you have to do is prove your worth as a true ' Fan'.

It aims to give justice to the unaltered faith of a fan by giving her/him a precious memory. Throughout the day, the fans experience all the royalties their beloved superstars enjoy. The celebrity designs a perfect day in her/his own creative style. It is an unforgettable experience. The fan helps in bringing vital facts about stardom and the struggle behind it. Since it's the first season which came out in 2011, the show has gained massive popularity. The show has so far involved an array of stars. The second season, aired in 2012, reached even better highs. There is more than one reason behind it.

First, the concept of the show is centered around a fan meeting his favorite Bollywood Idol. By doing so, the show opens the door to the vast ocean of the glamor World. Second, knowing the 'Real' star has always been a much-sought activity. It amasses a huge following. Third, and most importantly, every episode is a story of struggle and hard work. All the stories come with a moral that success is never easy to achieve and even after you do so, it takes a lot of determination to be on the top. The finale of every episode is a crowd puller.

It is a day of witnessing the 'hard work' part of stardom, the hard work that keeps the show running. A moment where a fan stands a few meters away from his star, his idol, his motivation, his real 'Hero'. It becomes a bit tricky to decide who is more excited. Both make the best out of these precious minutes. Shamoly Khare threads these final emotions with sure grace and perfection. No wonder, the show is still running with a lot of viewers from every phase of life.