Hindi Tv Show Life Out Of Control

Life Out Of Control Hindi Tv shows on Star plus

Life out of control or LOC for short was an Indian TV series which was based on two friends named Gurpreet Malik and Chand. Gurpreet and Chand worked in the same restaurant named ST Martin’s Spice. Gurpreet worked there as a chef whilst Chand worked there as a waiter or server. The concept of the show was completely unique. The two friends hailed from different countries. Gurpreet hailed from India whilst Chand hailed from Pakistan. Whenever there was an issue between India and Pakistan, they both also used to fight against each other. The show provided the viewers with a chance to laugh. The show was very funny basically to watch. It made the show unique as people could have a chance to laugh. The concept was special and it increased the trending of the channel where it was broadcasted. Going back to the story, they fought against each other almost every day.

The owner of the restaurant, Simon, had no option but to keep them in his restaurant because the customers liked Malik’s curry and the serving way of Chand very much. They were enemy while fighting but they both also were very good friends. On the day of Independence, both wanted salary from their owner but the owner decided that he would give it to only one of them. Gurpreet told him that he would not work without money and thus, the owner gave him his salary. Chand got disappointed at this but Gurpreet gave him the money and thus their friendship became stronger. On the same restaurant, there was a waitress called Monica. Chand and Gurpreet considered her as their passport to green card. But actually Monika was a fraud and she had promised to marry both of them. There was a security guard called Chu Cha Chow who had aligned himself with Chand. They both harassed Gurpreet. There were also two cousins called Noora and Shera who used to work under Gurpreet and Chand respectively.

Noora was a resident of India whilst Shera was a resident of Pakistan. Gurpreet and Chand used to pit them against each other. Beside the restaurant, there was a shop called Rehman General Story actually owned by the wife of Rehman named Lucy. Rehman was also an employee of the restaurant. But he married Lucy because he wanted to own the shop beside the restaurant but in vain as he was demoted to work as a servant after his marriage. Then Roger Patel, the cop in the story was introduced who was married to Ranjana. He used to warn Gurpreet and Chand because of their fighting habit. Gurpreet and Chand shared the same apartment as they were not financially stable enough to pay the rent alone. Thus, they shared the same apartment. Their house was divided into two sections between Indian and Pakistani Family and the drawing room was equal to both of the families. But there was unity between Chand’s wife and Gurpreet’s wife as they both considered each other as sisters. On the other hand, Gurpreet’s son Virendra and Chand’s daughter Reshma used to love each other.

Gurpreet and Chand’s son Dharminder and Sultan played cricket against each other the whole day. The show went through a lot of comedy scenes as the relationship between the two families went through according to the relationship between India and Pakistan. The families fought over small issues such as the lawn which was outside their apartment. The owners of the apartment took advantage of their fight as they produced them with exorbitant bills for their old furniture’s which Chand and Gurpreet used to break. But despite their fighting attitude the two families stood by each other when it was required. The show showed the life of two families who produced things to laugh on. They produced excellent moments and the viewers loved to see the show and laugh as mush they wanted.

The show ended when their quarrel was sorted and Virendra married Reshma. Manoj Bawa played the role of Gurpreet and Sanjay Mishra played the role of Chand. The show premiered on the month of July on 2005 and ended in the month of November on the same year. The show was broadcasted on Star Plus.