Hindi Tv Show Life Lafde Aur Bandiyan

Life Lafde Aur Bandiyan Hindi TV SHOWS on Bindass Play

‘Life Lafde aur Bandiya’ is a Hindi-language comedy drama which premiered on 29th January 2016 on Bindass TV channel. The show is based on three quirky friends- ‘Rishabh’, ‘ Puppy’, and ‘Chewang’ from Delhi, who are bored with being made fun of, and want to become familiar. They have just entered into the craziness called ‘college life.' The series stars ‘Ayush Mehra’, ‘ Payal Thapa’and ‘Harshit Sidnani’ in lead roles. ‘Slightly Tilted Production House’, Mumbai, produces the series, and telecasts on every Friday 6 pm. The show is targeted only on youths and will hold the spectators on the edge of their seats with solid comic situations. ‘Rishabh’, ‘Puppy’, and ‘Chewang’ are mad friends at college who get humiliated for having photo shopped ‘Rishabh’ with ‘Narula Spunky's’ (the campus stud) girlfriend, ‘Anuj’.

Due to this Rishabh gets furious and vows before friends to steal ‘Anuj’ away from ‘Spunky’. To make it happen, the three friends intended to use the photos to get ‘Anuj’s’ attention, but their plan fails as ‘Rishabh's’ father finds out. ‘Chewang’ creates a dating app which becomes viral on campus, and it is misused by a firangi girl to get new customers for her. It makes ACP ‘Rathore’ launch a case, but the investigation turns into a scandal. Somehow, ‘Rishabh’ wins Spunky's girlfriend ‘Anuj’ and both are in a relationship. Now ‘Chewang’ and ‘Puppy’ ask ‘Rishabh’ to take her for a date and kiss her. So he decides to practice on ‘Chewang's’ mom’s picture, and is caught red handed by Daadi in this act. However, ‘Rishabh’ took her for a date and kissed her. Very next day in College a girl seduced ‘Rishabh’ to pose for human anatomy and he agreed to pose nude.

The image was made as the cover photo on Facebook and also his parents were tagged. It makes it more ridiculous when ‘Rishabh’ tries to attempt love scenes. With a plan to impress ‘Anuj’, ‘Rishabh’ takes his dad's car, with an intention to drift in front of ‘Anuj's’ house, so she'll get more impressed. Unfortunately, he accidently runs over ‘Anuj's’ dog. It becomes impossible for him to meet her with that car again. ‘Rishabh's’ cousin called as ‘hot didi' returns from Canada, and they go on a date. Then ‘Rishabh’ feels hurt by dating his cousin and shows her the red flag. Daadi who has been suffering from kidney failure suddenly falls ill as there are no people available matching her blood group to donate their kidney to save her. ‘Rishabh’ comes to know that ‘Anuj’ has same blood group that is needed for daadi. Having no other way out ‘Rishabh’ persuades ‘Anuj’ to give her kidney to save his daadi's life, but she refuses. ‘Rishabh’ is heart broken and wants to end this relationship and break up with her. It is expected that the upcoming events may focus on how friends help him to make way from a break-up.